Fenland Junior Newsletter – January 2014



Happy New Year

We are running six sessions each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays as last term:

Tuesday – 3.15pm, 4.00pm and 5.00pm; all group sessions.

Lots of spaces available at 3.15pm and a few at 4.00pm.

Thursday – 3.15pm, 4.15pm; group sessions, both full, and 5.15pm for advanced individual coaching.


If you have any friends who might like to try a new sport, please ask them to give me a ring or just come along to one of the Tuesday sessions.

  • The next event is the fun junior/parents tournament on Sunday 19th January at 3pm.  This is now full with reserves.
  • A ‘play the experts’ evening/afternoon with our men’s teams is planned for March.
  • The County End of Season tournament will take place at Cambridge Squash Club on 22/23 March.  Entry forms available at the end of February


Our teams in the county leagues are still doing well.

The U11 team in the advanced half of Div. IV have won their first six matches and the U15 team in Div. III have won three out of four matches.

The U19 team in Div. II have won one match and lost one.

Match dates : Division II – Jan 26th at Fenland

Match dates : Division III B February 23rd (Comberton) and Play offs between IIIA and IIIB on March 9that Fenland

Match Dates : Division IVA February 2nd (Comberton),and Play offs between IVA and IVB on March 2nd at Fenland


I am in New Zealand from the 1st February until the 23rd February. Dave Bradbury who is a very experienced Level 3 Coach and Chairman of the County Juniors has agreed to run the Thursday sessions while I am away.  Unfortunately he cannot do Tuesdays but is willing to take on ‘allcomers’ at the two Thursday sessions.  (the third week is half term) This means that all Tuesday players are welcome on Thursday.  I have, of course offered him the expert assistance of Hannah and Calum at the 4.15 session.

Normal service will be resumed from Tuesday 25th February.


I will think of you all as I am bungee jumping into a ravine!

Enjoy your squash this year