Fenland Junior Newsletter – November 2013




It is good to see lots of players taking part in club sessions and matches this year.

We have six sessions each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays as follows:

Tuesday – 3.15pm, 4.00pm and 5.00pm; all group sessions.

Lots of spaces available at 3.15pm and a few at 4.00pm.

Thursday – 3.15pm, 4.15pm; group sessions, both full, and 5.15pm for advanced individual coaching.


If you have any friends who might like to try a new sport, please ask them to give me a ring or just come along to one of the Tuesday sessions.


Our teams have had a really good start to the season.

The U11 team in the advanced half of Div. IV have won their first two matches as have the U15 team in Div. III.

The U19 team in Div. II have won one match and lost one.


Match dates : Division II – Jan 26th.

Match dates : Division III  December 1st ,February 23rd and March 9th .

Match Dates : Division IVA December 1st ,January 12th February 2nd ,and March 2nd .


The next county tournament is the Brian Fielding Memorial Tournament at Fenland on Saturday December 7th. This is a fast and furious timed tournament where everyone plays four different opponents.

I am also planning a parents / juniors tournament at the beginning of January and a ‘play the experts’  evening with our men’s teams.

Individual/small group coaching will also be available over Christmas holidays.


Advance warning I am off to New Zealand for 3 weeks in February. One week is half term but I am on the lookout for volunteers/coaches to supervise for the 2 sessions I will miss.


Enjoy your squash this year