Joining up

Membership form: once you’ve decided to become a member, you can download a membership form here or contact our membership secretary for a copy to be sent to you. To join/renew, contact the membership secretary to arrange a mutually convenient time to exchange your completed membership form and payment (cheques made payable to ‘Fenland Squash Club’) for a clubhouse key and to be shown around the clubhouse facilities if needed.
Keys: all members are entrusted with their own key  to the squash club. The lock is changed each year at membership renewal time (September) and all members are given a new key. See 2017 Annual Newsletter for the times to get your new key this year.

Membership Fees

Annual subscription rates for membership for 2016/17 are as follows:

  • Adults : £70
  • Partners: £100 (two people, related and living at the same address)
  • Family: £105 (includes up to 2 adults and 3 children)
  • Juniors: £15 (reduced to £10 if a parent or guardian is a club member)

Each registered member is entitled to a key, the key being required to access the club. For renewing members, the old key should be returned in exchange for the new key. If not, an additional charge of £3 will be levied at the time of renewal for the new key. If joining the club for the first time, part way through a membership year, the annual subscription is pro-rata on the number of months remaining in the year. For example, if you applied for adult membership in January, then the fee payable would be for Jan-Aug, 8/12ths of £70 (£47). Pro-rata fees will also be considered for any returning member rejoining who has not been playing due to injury for example, and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. It does not apply to members who renew late!

Membership renewal

Membership is renewed on 1 September each year, when the locks are changed. The club will normally open at certain times at the beginning of September, to allow members to re-new. See 2017 Annual Newsletter for the times to get your new key this year and how to re-new.

Using the courts

  • Booking a court: it is advisable to book a court, especially at peak times.
  • Playing fees: courts are £1 for a 40-minute session. To book, use a £1 coin in the slot machine to buy a sticker which you place on the court booking grid, against the time and date you wish to play. Write your name on the sticker.
  • Guest fees: if you are playing someone who is not a member, you should buy an extra £1 sticker and stick it on the booking grid.
  • Lights: £4 for 40 minutes (a variety of coins are accepted)

Challenging other members

On the notice board are lists of players with their phone numbers. Simpy call them up and arrange a game. Contact details of all club members can be accessed in the members’ area of the website when logged in. The club runs both leagues and a ladder for anyone interested in joining.