The club currently has four teams competing at a county level, three men’s teams and one ladies team. The club members in these are:

Men’s 1st Team

  • Andy Prendergast (Captain)
  • Andy Short
  • Dave Grant
  • Paul Kynoch
  • Paul Scarrow
  • Tim Dean
  • Men’s 2nd Team

  • Antony Turner
  • Brian Chapman
  • Chris Ramsdale
  • Keith Pearson
  • Kevin Brittain (Captain)
  • Kevin Ward
  • Marcus Wade
  • Pete Wilkinson
  • Tim Daniel
  • Wayne Smith
  • Men’s 3rd Team

  • TBD
  • Ladies Team

  • Alex Macfarlane (Captain)
  • Debby Rushton
  • Fiona Bedford
  • Glynis Fenwick
  • Lyn Martin
  • Vicky Hope
  • Click on the player names above to see the results of the games they have played for the club. Click Player Rankings
    to see where the team players sit relative to each other in the Cambridgeshire Squash League.

    If you wish to learn more about the teams or would like to consider joining one of them, contact the appropriate captain, details in the Contact Us section of the website.